How many seals can my sealer seal before I need to change the element (heating wire) and PTFE adhesive/cloth?

A sealer can seal between 1,000-5,000 seals before the element becomes worn and breaks. This number will vary significantly based on the timer setting. 

Note: Thicker materials will require a higher timer setting, which will decrease the number of seals.

When do I change my element (heating wire)?

When the element breaks, it is time to change to a new element. If you change the element, we absolutely, absolutely recommend changing the PTFE adhesive (bottom adhesive strip) found underneath the element.  See our answer below for more information.

When do I change the PTFE cloth and adhesive?

For the PTFE cover, we recommend changing the cover BEFORE it burns through. As the cover wears, you will see a discoloration where it comes into contact with the element, you may also notice that your element is sticking to the thermoplastic material you are sealing. You can maneuver the cover back and forth to allow the element to come into contact with the unused portions of the PTFE cover.

For the PTFE adhesive, you must replace the bottom sealing strip whenever you change the element. The adhesive serves as a barrier between the heating element and the sealer’s body. When the sealer’s heating element has burned through the bottom adhesive and arc’ed on the sealer’s body, the element will break as well as destroy the timer. When you replace your adhesive, make sure the adhesive is 1/4″-1/2″ past the machine on both ends to prevent the heating element from coming into contact with the sealer’s body.

What setting should I set my timer?

Your timer should be set at the level that the sealer will seal your material. Always start at the lowest setting and gradually increase the setting. If the timer is set higher than what is needed to seal the material, then the heating element will break and the PTFE adhesive will be damaged as well. Use trial & error to find the lowest setting that will seal your material.