DXDC-125 Tea Bag Packing Machine is designed and manufactured according to the most advanced science and technology available in the world today. Reliable and efficient define this state of the art piece of equipment. As regards to its automatic control system, we have adopted an advanced photo electric track planet differential compensating mode and an automatic constant-temperature control mechanism, which make our machines extremely fast packers. Moreover, our machines can carry out step less speed adjustment, and automatically finish the whole packing processes of bag making, computation, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and heat-pressing batch numbers on the bag. It can be used for various compound packing materials, which can be sealed after heating.


Product capacity(bag/min): 35-70
Packing capacity(ml): triangle slice
General power(kw/v): 1.5/220
Size of bag(mm)l*w: 50-110*40-80
Weight(kg): 380
Dimension l*w*h(mm): 840*640*1840

Model:Tea in bag outer bag packing machine
Product capacity(bag/min): continuous
Packing capacity(ml): 1.5-40
General power(kw/v): 0.2/220
Size of bag(mm):length 50-100 width 62
Weight(kg): 30
Dimension(mm)l*w*h: 400*255*255