DXDF-A Series Automatic powder packing machine adopt the advanced electronic clutch structure to control the length of the bag, equipped the photo electricity. The machine is controlled to fill material by PLC, and equipped sealing temperature making, counting, filling, sealing and coding and cutting, the machine is suitable for counting packing of 100-300MU powder. The material which can be sealed of packing bag.
Different models are available, and the specifications are listed.

Production Capacity (bag/min): 35-75
Packing Capacity (ml): 0.5-20
General Power (kw/v): 1.3/220
Size of Bag l*w (mm)35-85*25-70
Weight (kg): 350
Dimension l*w*h (mm): 790*600*1780

Production Capacity (bag/min): 20-50
Packing Capacity (ml): 100-1000
General Power (kw/v): 1.7/220
Size of Bag l*w (mm)100-200*100-200
Weight (kg): 500
Dimension l*w*h (mm): 1002*860*2000

Production Capacity (bag/min): 20-35
Packing Capacity (ml): 50-200
General Power (kw/v): 3.5/220
Size of Bag l*w (mm)120-230*100-150
Weight (kg): 580
Dimension l*w*h (mm): 1290*820*2500

Production Capacity (bag/min): 30-70
Packing Capacity (ml): 50-500
General Power (kw/v): 1.5/220
Size of Bag l*w (mm)50-200*50-160
Weight (kg): 400
Dimension l*w*h (mm): 800*700*1900

Production Capacity (bag/min): 20-40
Packing Capacity (ml):10-100
General Power (kw/v): 3.3/220
Size of Bag l*w (mm)120-200*80-150
Weight (kg): 550
Dimension l*w*h (mm): 1290*820*2300

Production Capacity (bag/min): 5-30
Packing Capacity (ml): 200-1000
General Power (kw/v): 4.3/220
Size of Bag l*w (mm)150-300*150-210
Weight (kg): 650
Dimension l*w*h (mm): 1370*870*2700

Production Capacity (bag/min): 15-30
Packing Capacity (ml): 100-500
General Power (kw/v): 4/220
Size of Bag l*w (mm)150-280*120-180
Weight (kg): 600
Dimension l*w*h (mm): 1370*870*2700