Can I change my 2mm seal width sealer to a 5mm seal width?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. A 2mm and 5mm sealer utilize two different transformers and putting a 5mm heating element on a 2mm sealer could irreparably damage your sealer. Round wires and 2mm wires, however, are interchangeable.

What type of material can my impulse sealer seal?

Impulse sealers can instant seal a variety of poly materials including but not limited to: Polyethylene, Saran, Nylon, Polyvinylchloride, Polypropylene, Pliofilm, Kel-F, Mylar, Polyflex, Polyurethane, and Polyvinyl alcohol.

I notice that my sealer is arcing (or sparking) when I try and seal my material? What do I do?

 If you are experiencing arcing when you seal your material, most likely, you have worn out your element and PTFE adhesive and MUST replace them before you damage the timer.

I can’t seem to create a nice looking seal…I have tried different timer settings and nothing works.

With impulse sealers, there must be a cooling step added to your sealing process to make a proper seal on the plastic bag or film.  When creating a seal, hold the seal arm or upper jaw down for an ADDITIONAL 2-4 seconds to set the seal.  Please download our guide for more information.

My sealer is not sealing. What do I do?

The #1 most common issue is maintenance. If your sealer is not working, check to see if your element is broken and/or your PTFE adhesive has worn through. If the element comes into contact with the body of the sealer due to a worn adhesive, the element may have “shorted” and caused damage to the timer. If both elements and PTFE adhesives are good condition, we recommend taking a look at the microswitch (small unit that allows an electrical current to pass through when the arm is brought down) and the electronic timer (unit that controls the seal cycle duration.)

My impulse sealer is not sealing. When I push the arm down, there is no light or “click.” What is wrong?

When you do not hear a “click, click” when you bring the arm down to the base of the sealer, that is a sign that the microswitch is not activated and there is no electrical current being transferred. We suggest making some easy slight adjustments to the microswitch.  Please UNPLUG the unit before making any adjustments.